Kentucky Association for Play Therapy
Play Therapy Helps to Heal the Hurts... Annual Conference is March 10-11, 2016 Home of the Innocents, Louisville KY REGISTRATION OPEN NOW
Welcome to the Kentucky Association for Play Therapy Website. The website offers information on our members, board activities and interesting links as a resources. 

We have resources for you! If you are mental health professional interested in learning more about play therapy you may find our training information on our annual conference or Learning Series and the Links page for other trainings in KY and the surrounding states. For the professional or parent searching for a referral source or a play therapist, please note there is a page with current registered play therapists/supervisors for your review. If you are a KAPT member, please check out our conference page, and resources for your professional growth. If you are a parent/family member wanting to know more about play therapy for your child, it is very effective, although some may read play therapy is not effective with your problem. Please contact a KAPT member for more information.

Play therapy has been used with children since the early 1900's and the research on the effectiveness is increasing as  you read this information. Play is the "language" of children, so using play a medium for change is essential. 

If you have questions after reviewing our site, please feel free to contact any board member with your questions. We would be more than happy to help you.

Thanks so much!
Anthony Holmes, MEd. LPCC RPT-S
KAPT President